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Accessible Safety Critical Information

Our Navarea Warnings (Navtex) App, allows mariners to access Navarea Warnings on their mobile device. Allowing SOLAS vessels to retrieve active historical warnings they may have missed, while also allowing smaller leisure vessels to access up to date information on demand.

Keep up to date while you are on the go

Our Maritime Navigational Catalogue App, allows mariners to easily search for, and purchase charts or publications they need for their upcoming voyages. With our app it is easy to keep up to date with the latest New Edition and Navigational Products.


Always up to date

Compass is always up to date with the latest available catalogue, corrections, weather and Navarea Warnings. There is no need for remembering to import email updates or doing a web download, Compass is fully up to date whenever you need it.

Nautical Chart Catalogue (NP131) App


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